Travel and Eating Well: How to Enjoy the Local Cuisines and Stay Healthy


Food is one of the top things many look forward to when traveling. Whether for business or pleasure, good eats are among the highlights of any trip. But as the old adage goes, too much of anything can be a bad thing. So how does one find that delicate balance between indulging and sticking to a healthy diet? Here are some ways to eat well when you are on a trip.

Eat nutrient-rich foods. You can indulge in whatever delectable sweet, high-calorie treats if you want. But make sure to eat more nutrient-rich foods. Cut back on sugary foods or drinks and opt for meals made with natural ingredients.

Take time to study the menu. Battered, fried, or anything smothered in creamy sauces are some of the food selections you need to avoid when eating out. Read menu descriptions thoroughly. Go to the light selections, if any. Or you can just order vegetable-based food items or anything that use lean meats. Choose grilled or roasted. If you want something baked, pick lean proteins cooked in healthy oils instead of butter or cream sauce.

Check the servings. You do not have to be on a weight loss diet to control food portions. Paying more attention to your serving sizes is actually one of the important aspects of healthy eating. Eat just the right amount of servings per meal or snack to meet your daily caloric requirement. You can ask your doctor or nutritionist how much calories you need per day. There are also online weight management tools and mobile phone apps you can use to find out the number of calories you need. Avoid using large plates or ordering big meals at restaurants. When dining in hotel or restaurant buffets choose a smaller plate and fill it up mostly with vegetables, wholesome grains, a small serving of lean meat.

Look for other options. You do not have to settle for anything less than healthy. Explore whatever choices are available to you at any given time. Either you look for other healthy restaurants or ask the server if you can substitute certain ingredients with a more nutritious option. Choose light or plant-based oil instead of cream sauces for salads and pastas. Pick a Japanese or Mediterranean restaurant instead of your usual American food outlet for more healthful variety.

Go for water or unsweetened drinks. Order bottled or treated water to go with your meals instead of carbonated drinks like sodas. If you want something sweet, ask for unsweetened fresh fruit or vegetable juices. Herbal teas with no sugar also make excellent drinks.